Bold Coast Burns from ROVE on Vimeo.

The inspiration for my work comes directly from thousands of hours spent in and on the water. Growing up between the coastlines of Maine and Rhode Island provided unlimited access to the marine world. The constant discoveries that come with exploring and connecting with the ocean are what excite me most in life.

I have a background in art and design and have had an evolving path as an artist and designer. I have found that my time creating wood burns and digital drawings provide the perfect contrast of working in the raw physical space while enjoying the flexibility of the digital world. Each of these mediums allow for exploration around a different aspect of my creativity. 

My woodburning process utilizes a standard burning unit in conjunction with an array of torches varying in size. I use the burning tool for areas containing lots of fine detail, while the torches allow me to work more freely creating depth and texture. Marine life is my passion and also the main subject I am always eager to explore in my artwork.

When I am not found in my studio, you can find me spearfishing the New England coast or mountain biking and skiing in the mountains of Colorado.



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